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Denise Beck
Private Educator


One-on-One Tutoring Services

I provide one-on-one tutoring,homework support, and remedial instruction to help my students overcome obstacles in reading, spelling, writing, and math. I can transform the reluctant and discouraged student into a confident learner. I give special attention and assistance to students with learning differences and to second language learners.

Learning the basics in the main academic areas does not have to be painful, frustrating, and disappointing for either students or their parents. I can help build a lasting positive learning experience for the student.

I am a credentialed teacher with over five years experience working in the classroom and ten years working in my private practice. I work with kindergarten through tenth grade students and with adults as well. (Read Testimonials)

One-on-one Tutoring: (in Marin County, California) I can meet with my clients in their homes, a public library, or at a school site.
Homework Support: While teaching and building skills, I also assist the student in completing and mastering the homework assignments.
Diagnostic Testing:  In order to assess the student's academic performance and needs, I use a variety of standardized tests and assessment tools. This includes informal screening devices, criterion-referenced tests, and evaluations.
Tailored Educational Plans: I create individualized educational plans that match the student's academic needs and learning styles.
Educational Therapy:  In addition to offering tutoring, I provide remedial instruction and skill building in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics.

  • Reading and Spelling: In order to meet the individual needs of the child or adult, I tailor my reading programs. I use an eclectic approach, drawing from a variety of reading theories,  programs, and educational resources to meet the particular needs of the student. I incorporate spelling into my reading program as well.
  • Writing: I teach writing instruction in a concrete and systematic way.  Each pupil progresses at a rate compatible with his or her ability level. The writing sequence moves from the simplest sentence structure to essays that are more complex.
  • Math: I offer math remediation and tutoring services in grades K-10 (up to Algebra and Geometry) and have been trained in a variety of math programs.  The success that my students experience stems from the fact that I guide students from the concrete to the abstract level, and teach them how to transfer their knowledge to everyday applications.  I incorporate activities and strategies that enhance memory in order to reinforce the math concepts.

Liaison:  For many of my clients, I also act as a liaison between the family, school staff, and other professionals. On behalf of the student, I can: attend student study team meetings, participate in individual educational program meetings, partake in parent-teacher conferences, and collaborate with general education and special education staff.

Classroom Intervention Strategies: I offer strategies that can be implemented in the classroom tailored to the student’s individual needs.


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