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Denise Beck
Private Educator



“Our ten year old son was a poor speller and unmotivated writer. The tutoring sessions were very productive. Denise Beck kept him very focused. Our son developed some useful writing strategies that now help him organize his writing and help him follow through on writing assignments. Ms. Beck also provided some practical approaches to improve spelling that we used outside of the tutoring session. Now our son's writing is more organized with better structure and he is much more motivated and happy with his work. Denise Beck was very accessible and always willing to discuss the process with us.”

“Thank you for all of your wonderful work with my son!  You are a gifted teacher and a very warm, caring being.”  
—Parent of 2nd grader diagnosed within the autistic spectrum who received remediation services in reading

“The tutoring sessions with Denise Beck were successful. Ms. Beck was a major key player in getting my child to read in 1st grade. In 2nd through 4th grade, she typically worked with my son on language arts, writing paragraphs, and essays. Ms. Beck was persistent and patient with my son. She never quit and consistently tried new ideas on my son when things were not working. Ms. Beck is flexible and easy to work with.”

“Thanks so much for a great year.  You did a marvelous job with my son. I appreciate the huge progress he made in math.”
—Parent of middle school student in a Resource Program

“Our son received tutoring in reading and basic math while in 2nd and 3rd grade. Denise Beck was great with our son. He was happy about the help and support. Ms. Beck was always very caring and patient.  She was very motivated to get him up to speed and had incentives to keep him motivated as well. He caught up to his class level and learned how to study. At the end of tutoring our son was reading at the 4th grade level and doing multiplication and division. Ms. Beck was always VERY thorough and accessible.” 

—Parent of 3rd grader

“Thanks for the Social Action Project. (My son) earned an A-!  He also got a B+ in the first quarter in math!”

—Parent of middle school student sent this follow-up note five months later

“I have not encountered a more patient and effective educator for my autistic spectrum children.  She has guided us through the special education process in the public schools, and I have often relied on her knowledge of student accommodations and rights. My children would have never learned to read without her help.”
-Parent of two children within the autistic spectrum

“My eight-year-old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, memory issues, and dyslexia. Denise began working with him during 2nd grade when he was identified as below grade level in reading. He was having major problems with sounding out and tracking words and remembering what he had read. When Denise initially assessed my son, he was reading 66 wpm at the 2.0 fluency level. After a year of Denise tutoring him once a week, my son’s reading greatly improved, so that now he is reading above grade level. More specifically, my son is now reading 99 wpm at the 5.6 reading fluency level, or 3.6 grade levels higher!  Denise worked with him very well despite the fact he is highly distractible. She was very caring, patient, and flexible, and really had his best interests in mind. In addition, she always kept us extremely well- informed regarding his progress, issues he may be having, and what we could do at home to help our son. I highly recommend Denise to anyone whose child has reading issues.”
-Parent of 3rd grade child diagnosed with attention deficit and dyslexia


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